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Tracy Prowse offers the following


Holistic Pain, Movement & Wellbeing Assessments – one hour. Telehealth consultation available.


Sports & Orthopaedic Injuries Assessment & Rehabilitation. Telehealth consultation available


Paediatric Developmental Assessments using Standardized Assessment Tools (Movement ABC and BOT2 Batteries), as well as school-based & classroom assessments – One hour

Hand on shoulder

Pain Assessment, Treatment & Management – One Hour. Telehealth consultation available.


6-8 session 1 to 1 Mindfulness & Neuroscience Based Pain treatment & management programme – One Hour once a week plus a parent session if the patient is under 18. This programme uses a mind-body approach to help people learn mindfulness skills together with pain neuroscience understanding which can help reduce their pain experience and the suffering associated with chronic pain. Tracy has a special interest in helping children and adolescents who are struggling with pain problems.


Holistic Health Assessment & Management Plan: Consider an integrative approach to finding ways to optimise your health and wellbeing. Discover where your health and wellness is needing the most attention. One hour. Telehealth consultation available.


Cognitive Functional Therapy and Exercise rehabilitation & therapy – One Hour


Manual Therapy – Half Hour

The Eastern or Asian acupuncture medical treatment said to prevent or treat a variety of medical ailments, including pain.

Dry Needling – Half Hour


Pain Neuroscience Education (“PNE”). Telehealth consultation available – One Hour