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A Trauma-Informed Physiotherapist, Mindfulness Teacher & Pain Reprocessing Practitioner, Dedicated to Holistic Wellness and Self-Healing.

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Tracy Prowse is a registered physiotherapist and certified mindfulness teacher. With a master’s degree in Sports Physiotherapy, a post-graduate certification in pain treatment, and a Stellenbosch University post-graduate certification in Mindfulness-Based Interventions, Tracy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice. She has also trained in the DNAv psychological framework, incorporating an Acceptance & Commitment Therapy approach, and has completed trauma-sensitive mindfulness training. Currently, Tracy is pursuing somatic experiencing (SEP) training and utilizes focusing techniques to foster body awareness in a trauma-informed manner. Tracy takes an integrative and functional medical approach to facilitate a journey towards well-being, with a particular interest in working with child and adolescent patients, although she welcomes individuals of all ages. Her underlying ethos is rooted in a holistic, person-centered, and empowering approach to health.

Tracy’s Philosophy

Tracy’s approach to healing adopts a trauma-informed whole body-mind perspective, with a keen sensitivity to the state of a person’s autonomic nervous system, informed by Porges’ polyvagal theory. This comprehensive approach includes a psycho-educational program that enables clients to gain a scientific understanding of the factors contributing to persistent pain, fatigue, autoimmune issues, women’s health difficulties, anxiety, and overwhelm. Once understanding and safety are established, Tracy teaches mindfulness and felt-sense skills, along with pain (or anxiety or fatigue) reprocessing and cognitive functional therapeutic techniques. Somatic bodywork and the exploration of bodily sensations are integrated into every aspect of the healing journey, acknowledging the individual’s history and personal experiences that may have contributed to central, autonomic, gut, and immune system dysregulation. Tracy employs a functional medicine approach, emphasizing value-based living to optimize health and well-being through sustainable lifestyle interventions, including trauma bodywork or somatic work.

Trauma Body Work or somatic work refers to the therapeutic approaches that aim to help access the body-based beliefs and release experiences that have been held in the body. Somatic approaches are often used to engage the relationship between mind, body, brain, and behavior and facilitate a “felt-sense” of the body. Somatically or body-based trained therapists use interventions to help calm their clients’ nervous system and create more ease in the healing process. This work needs time and space so that our instinctual bodily held wisdom can be re-membered.

Tracy considers her approach to be a bridge between the body and the mind, working collaboratively with both medical and psychological teams to ensure an interdisciplinary approach to addressing pain, fatigue, auto-immune, and persistent conditions. The fundamental philosophy of her practice and workshops is the merging of the biology of human pain, stress, and performance with the psychological and social environment. It is essentially a concept of “scientific holism,” aligning with international scientific discoveries and evolving health practices. Due to the remarkable adaptability and plasticity of the brain, immune and nervous system, our body’s ability to heal, adapt and regenerate after injury or disease can be significantly impacted using this integrative and holistic biopsychosocial medical approach. Tracy aims to equip her patients and mindfulness participants with a deep understanding and practical tools to harness the complexities of their nervous systems, enabling them to make substantial and lasting changes to their own health and well-being.

Tracy divides her time between running her private practice in Stellenbosch during the week (which includes a number of Telehealth consultations for those who are based further afield) and consulting privately on a Saturday, in Bergvliet, Cape Town; as well as lecturing and facilitating Mindfulness courses for health professionals, University of Cape Town Mindful Medics programme for and some of the modules and workshops on the Train Pain Academy Pain Certification Programme.

"I have been on an extraordinary journey of recovery with Tracy over the past few months. Her depth of knowledge and insight is beyond compare. I arrived with a wrist I could barely move and constant pain. Now, I am almost pain-free and avoided surgery. It's hard to fully capture the process in an online review, but I can confidently say that if you have chronic pain, booking an appointment with Tracy has the potential to be life-changing!"

Andi Norton, Stellenbosch

"Tracy helped me tremendously to find my way to recovery from CFS/Long Covid when I was really struggling and needed the help and guidance. She is warm, loving and supportive and gave the guidance and support I needed. She worked with me exactly where I was and gave me the space I needed to find my way. Truly grateful to have found her when I did and for the role that she played in my recovery."

Kyle, Langebaan

"My 12-year-old daughter was referred to Tracy by her rheumatologist to help her understand and manage her pain. Tracy was our 'Aha!' person after years of dealing with complicated pain issues. She simplifies and clearly explains concepts. From the first week, we saw a shift in my daughter's mindset - becoming proactive and positive about her pain. Tracy empowered her to take charge of her own experience. We are incredibly grateful."

Taryn, Cape Town

"Tracy is a truly heartfelt professional who has assisted me in my journey to find relief from chronic pain and fatigue. Unlike other medical professionals I've seen, Tracy showed a genuine interest in my recovery and treated me with warmth and care. Her skills and dedication made a difference in my life. Thank you, Tracy."

Mr. M, Stellenbosch

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