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MBSR Training Program

EmbodyMind Courses

MBSR Training – 8 Week Course

The primary intention of the MBSR curriculum is to create a structured pathway to increase wellbeing for people facing a host of challenges including the demands and stressors inherent in the everyday business of being human beings.

Mindfulness is:

Paying attention on purpose

in the present moment,

with non-judgemental awareness

with curiosity, openness, kindness and compassion

About MBSR

The MBSR program was initially designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn Ph.D as far back as 1979 .It is a program that is in continual development in the Mindfulness based Stress Reduction clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. The primary intention of the MBSR curriculum is to create a structured pathway to increase wellbeing for people facing a host of challenges including the demands and stressors inherent in the everyday business of being human beings.

Embedded within the context of Mind-Body and Participatory Medicine, the MBSR curriculum focuses on the experiential cultivation of both “formal” and “informal” mindfulness practice as a means of familiarizing one self with awareness itself (mindfulness). The recognition of an innate, ever-present awareness is the foundation for the development of positive health behaviors, psychological and emotional resilience, and an overarching sense of wellbeing that can be effectively cultivated and relied upon across the adult life span.

Formal practices are essentially meditation and movement practices (based on Hatha yoga) linked to awareness of breath and body. There is also enquiry/Inquiry after each session in the groups- to further develop a growing awareness of feelings, emotions and bodily sensations.

MBSR Program

This particular MBSR program is small, limited to 18 participants only.Tracy and Ivo are completing  their 2-year certificate training in Mindfulness- Based Interventions, offered by Stellenbosch University and The Institute of Mindfulness in South Africa.

We have chosen to offer and tailor our MBSR to medical professionals as we have both experienced the first hand benefit of mindfulness in our own personal and professional lives. We have accredited the 8 week MBSR course for 16 CPD points.

The cost of the MBSR is  R4 500.00 per participant and this includes 16 CPD points with the CPD certificate.

The Program will be conducted on zoom. Attendance at all sessions including the full day session is highly recommended in order to gain the full benefit of the experience.

It is also recommended that participants set aside daily time for self -practice. This time commitment will need to be carefully crafted into existing routines and can range from 30-60min daily.

To date there are well over 25000 participants who have completed the program, most of whom have found benefits in their lives far beyond that obtained just at completion of the program.

Many physical, psychological and emotional health benefits of MBSR have been reported in scientific literature.

Participants have found the following benefits:

  • Increased awareness and concentration
  • Discovered new ways to cope more effectively with existing conditions, difficulties or pain
  • Learnt to take better care of themselves
  • Learnt about themselves in relation to others-thereby enhancing personal and professional relationships

In this program participants will also be introduced to the science behind mindfulness, and the exciting developments around its neurophysiology .

We cannot guarantee or promise any particular results from participation in the MBSR course. Rather, emphasis is placed on the individual participant’s active engagement in the program. We encourage participants to assume the stance of a scientist investigating their area of interest: with openness and curiosity, suspension of judgement and a sense of healthy questioning. It is more important for you as a participant to experience for yourself whatever is happening, rather than for the teacher to tell you what may or may not happen as a result of your participation in the course.

We urge you to join us on this course – in honor of self discovery. A radical act of self -care!

Please email for enquiries and more information

Course Dates

21 January – 11 March 2021

Start date: 21 January 2021


1 May – 19 June 2021

Start date: 1 May 2021


4 August – 22 September 2021

Start date: 4 August 2021


About the teachers

Tracy Prowse Physiotherapy

Tracy Prowse

Tracy Prowse is a registered, practising physiotherapist and a mindfulness teacher, with a masters degree in Sports Physiotherapy and a post graduate certification in pain treatment. Tracy is passionate about wellness and wellbeing. Her work and life inspiration lies in her connection to nature and her quest to understand the mind-body-spirit connection.

She is currently completing her post graduate certification in Mindfulness Interventions through Stellenbosch University, Medical Science Faculty.

Ivo Visic

Ivo began practicing as a physiotherapist in 2002. Ivo has a passion for holistic physiotherapy incorporating mind-body integrated treatments. He has an interest in chronic pain, home based physio and end-of-life care.

Ivo is a life coach and mindfulness teacher and facilitates courses on chronic pain, mindfulness and wellness interventions for medical professionals, corporates and lay-people.